Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our Youth Council are looking to create a play area which has speciality equipment to ensure the accessibility of every child in the town, specifically those with additional needs or who have disabilities. There is nothing like this in the area leaving those children isolated from play opportunities.
BBC News said
"Disability charity Scope found three in five thought their children did not have fair access to leisure activities.
This included factors such as being made unwelcome by other families.
Nearly 40% of the 550 parents surveyed said their children never had the chance to spend leisure time with children who did not have disabilities.
The charity said it was "not right" that so many disabled children were denied that opportunity."

SENDirect a website set up aimed at families with children who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND). According to the consortium of nine charities behind the new website Useful information about inclusive family activities and many other important services is scarce.
In a recent survey by the consortium, three-quarters of families said they have difficulty finding information about what services are available to them.

We would like to work with advice from local SEND charities to create an inclusive play area which would increase the quality of social and leisure experiences for all children, whilst also providing an area where parents of children with disabilities feel welcome and safe.

Our objective:

Maximise the range of play opportunities available to all children.
Enable children to exercise choice and control over their play.
Actively involve children and parents in planning and delivery.
Enable children to feel more confident and independent.
Promote children's growth and development.
Provide opportunities for disabled and non-disabled children to play together and develop relationships.

Billingham Town Council

Moment of Pride

Our Youth Council who are aged between 11 and 16 years old are going to be completing this project with the help of our local council and organisations in the local area. We are proud to be the first of its kind in the area which will provide such an important and vital area for our community.

Location: Billingham, United Kingdom