Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Team Background
After 8 years competing nationally within the UK Wakey Wheeled Cats Roller Derby League in their endeavour to increase participation and further their experience look to compete in an open, international game by Sept 2018.
As a league we compete locally and nationally to increase out rankings however the costs incurred in traveling UK wide can be higher than that to travel to Europe.
As a grass roots league which receive no external funding, each member of the team is expected to pay to participate in games with regards to travel and accommodation, sometimes even having to take time off work.
We try to compete against teams of a similar if not higher rankings to ourselves to allow us to develop as a team and to build our rankings. However this has become more difficult over time as we are constantly competing against the same teams. Looking at the teams above us in the current Flat Track Stats’ ranking system, the teams ranked within 10 points of us include 3 UK based which we already have lined up for informal games in between British Championships and 5 are international!
As contracts are in place regarding the obligations of each team it is standard practice to reciprocate the game within 12 months. By competing internationally we look to establish and build new relationships with teams outside of the UK allowing us to host more international games ourselves when we reciprocate and potentially entice other international leagues to play us.

The Project
The number of people we would look to include in this project, at face value would be 22. These would include 14 rostered skaters, 2 subs, 2 bench and line up staff, 2 referees and 2 none skating officials; however overall this project would benefit many more.

The UK roller derby community is quite close nit, leagues local (within 75 miles) to each other often help each other out with guest skaters, coaches, referees and none skating officials. By gaining experience overseas it builds on the reputation of the team potentially allowing us to create more workshops and bootcamps for other local leagues as well as our own, to share our learning and experience.
It is evident in our own team that opening up learning opportunities for the few cascades down to the many. We have experienced this first hand but coaches attending high level bootcamps and coaching seminars; and this learning, brought back and implemented in to our own training has actually aided us in climbing from 301st to 145th in the European rankings system.

Time scales
As this project is part of the league's longer term training plan, and with orgainsation and upcoming British Championship games we believe 12 months would be a realistic time frame for this project to come to fruition. This allows the coaching team to implement an effective and comprehensive training program, skaters to prepare physically and mentally, skaters with families and such to organize and make appropriate arrangements, holidays to be booked from work and general organisation of flights, transfers, accommodation and insurances, plus any additional fundraising we would need to subsidise the project.

Cost projections
As the project is still 12 months away all prices are based on 2017 prices however we have allowed a 10% increase for interest and exchange rates plus economic fluctuations.

Total cost; £7,477.80 inc 10% contingency (£6,798 + £679.80)

Flights £164 pp return
Accommodation £120 for 4 nights
Transfers £15 return
Insurance £10 fully comprehensive

Wakey Wheeled Cats

Moment of Pride

I have personally been involved for 18 months now and found the group to be so inclusive and supportive. The organisation relies so heavily on our own members to make it a success that there is a real sense of pride in what we have achieved and what our plans are for the future.

Location: Wakefield