Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The community that DPUK works with is the community of people in the UK who are Deaf and whose first language is British Sign Language. Within that community DPUK works specifically to support Deaf parents and their families. deaf parents encounter all sorts of barriers to supporting their children and families to have fun, to learn together, to achieve educationally and thrive. Many of these problems arise because professionals including social workers, health visitors and school teachers do not understand the communication and cultural needs of Deaf families. And main resources in the community including leisure services, community venues or advice services are unaware of how they can best engage with and support members of the Deaf community.

Additionally because of an educational experience, both formal and informal, which does not match their communication needs, many Deaf young people have progressed into adulthood with limited knowledge about parenting skills and how to access support.

Many Deaf adults of course gone on to succeed and do extremely well professionally and personally including in raising their own families.

There are an estimated 15,000 Deaf adults in the UK who are parents of a child or young person aged 0 - 18. Based on the success of a pilot mentoring project in the Bristol area our project proposal is across the UK to several training programmes to train Deaf adults as parenting mentors - they will then be matched in a mentoring relationship of 6 - 12 months with Deaf adults who need support in some way: either in terms of developing their parenting skills and knowing how to best support their children or because their families are isolated in some way or because

Up to December 2018 the project will aim to recruit and train 25 Deaf adults as parenting mentor s who will train and support 25 Deaf parents in need of support. The project funding will:
support a part-time co-ordinate to set up the training courses and recruit participants
receive referrals
match mentors with Deaf parents
monitor and review the mentoring relationships

Deaf Parenting UK

Moment of Pride

DPUK was set up by a Deaf parent , Sabina Iqbal, and is now entirely led by Deaf parents. I am proud of this project because it is based on sharing the skills, knowledge and cultural heritage of the Deaf community and recognises all the strengths and richness of this community to help those in need.

Location: London