Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Gledhow Valley Woods is a ribbon of woodland and grassland running about 1.5 km through a suburban area of north Leeds. The Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods was set up with the aim to conserve and enhance Gledhow Valley Woods (GVW); protect the natural beauty of GVW; increase public awareness about GVW and reflect the concerns of the wider community; and support other groups in the Gledhow Valley area.

Due to the success of the wildflower meadows we have already started in the area we would like to plant a new meadow next Spring. The grant would be used to buy approximately 1200 wild flower plug plants. The area we would like to use is derelict land at the moment so it should transform it into an insect haven.

The meadows offer a diverse, and attractive, habitat for the benefit of the community. Using a wide variety of planting we will attract more insects, butterflies, bees and birds to the woodland.

Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods

Moment of Pride

Volunteers of all ages and abilities work together to make sure the woodland is tidy and well cared for so that everyone in the community can enjoy the woodland with its wide variety of insects, birds and plants.

Location: Gledhow Valley Woods, Roundhay, Leeds, United Kingdom