Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Hackney Shed is an inclusive theatre company working in Hackney with children and young people aged 7-19 delivering workshops and creating performances. Our inclusive practice focuses on making all our activities accessible to everyone including members with special needs and we pride ourselves on our 'no barriers' policy.

Hackney Shed is a unique organisation in Hackney that offers a place where participants, whatever their abilities, learn new skills, become valuable members of the company, explore their creativity and work inclusively with their peers from a variety of backgrounds. Our pay what you can policy means we are financially accessible to everyone in our community and we never turn anyone away for financial reasons.

At the core of our work Hackney Shed employs a collaborative inclusive process which encourages attributes such as communication, concentration, listening, team-work, problem solving and respect for others.

Many of our participants don't have the opportunity to access this kind of creative activity, either because their physical or learning needs would not be accommodated, or because of financial barriers.

Hackney Shed offers a safe inclusive environment for young people with and without special needs to come together, have fun, make theatre, learn new skills and meet new people.

Our approach breaks down misunderstanding and develops strong bonds between young people with vastly mixed abilities. We teach our members to explore their imagination, characterisation and creative use of language, as well as fostering speaking and listening skills, which will support them in everyday life. Our activities engage people with disabilities and additional needs in a creative and positive way.

The project we are seeking funding to support is our school holiday workshop programme. We aim to offer inclusive arts workshops for children and young people to keep them engaged and occupied during school holiday times, allowing them to learn new skills and meet new people.

Our Hackney Shed Plus programme offers holiday workshops and masterclasses in areas such as circus skills, stage combat, film making, site specific theatre, carnival performance and music and movement. All of our holiday workshops are inclusive and free to participants, making them accessible to everyone in our local community.

“Confidence, shyness and self-esteem are continued barriers for my daughter to overcome. Being part of Hackney Shed and the support they offer can help her to improve her hidden skills, especially in dancing and singing which she particularly enjoys. There is good support from the volunteers and staff for children with inclusion needs who understand their capabilities and help increase confidence. Hackney Shed is local, has a great reputation and they have supportive staff to encourage and work alongside those that need it”. Parent of Hackney Shed participant July 2017

Our holiday workshops and masterclasses not only offer a fun creative activity for children and young people to take part in but also encourage inclusive behaviour and friendships.

By employing performing arts techniques we empower the participants to explore their creativity in a diverse environment where the process is as important if not more so than the final result. The participants explore many creative skills such as acting, dance, singing and voice, movement whilst interacting with peers from all backgrounds and abilities. Hackney Shed's activities are the best way to get young people with and without special needs to socialise and work together because we use a collaborative process.

The workshops also encourage development of life skills and attributes such as communication, concentration, listening, team-work, problem solving and respect for others.

Please help us to offer children and young people a chance to work together inclusively, explore their creativity and make holiday memories to never forget.

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Hackney Shed

Moment of Pride

I have worked with Hackney Shed for over 10 years and am so proud of the way the organisation has grown in this time. The addition of the Hackney Shed Plus programme of holiday workshops is so exciting because it means we are able to open our doors to even more people who may be excluded elsewhere.

Location: Hackney, London, United Kingdom