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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Have you ever been to Cornwall? It’s beautiful - golden sandy beaches, turquoise sea, huge skies and incredible sunsets make it a unique and special place to have a holiday.
However, there is a side of Cornwall that most people never get to see - the communities that are struggling with extreme poverty and the effects of multiple deprivation.

Trelya was established as a registered charity in 2001 by a group of local people who recognised a need within the community for a project that specifically addressed the needs of children and young people living in Cornwall’s most disadvantaged communities.

Penzance East, the community in which Trelya is based (and where this project would be delivered) is the most deprived community in Cornwall and falls into the top 3% of the most deprived wards in the entire country. The child poverty rate in Penzance is 41% compared to the national average of 25% and many children and young people live complicated and difficult home lives.Many families don't even make a trip to the beach in the summer (which is only 1.5 miles away). St.Michaels Mount the well known Cornish landmark (a castle on an island) is less than 3 miles away yet many of the children who live in Penzance East have never visited.

'Beaches' (the project for which we are asking Aviva for funding) will change this.

Experienced youth workers will work with children and young people living in Penzance East to enable them to run their own trips to exciting places and outdoor activities - beach trips; surf lessons; fishing; camp fire cooking; rock pooling; climbing; kayaking, hiking and visits to unique Cornish places such as The Eden Project and much more.

In learning how to plan and run these activities children and young people will develop important skills that many people take for granted including:

- Learning how to use the internet to research trip information (developing their IT, research and literacy skills).

- Developing their confidence and communication skills by visiting place like the local Tourist Information office and library to find out how, what and where to go (many do not have the confidence to ask for advice in this way).

- Learning how to make phone calls to find out information such as entrance fees and opening hours.

- Learning how to use public transport (including reading time tables and costing trips).

- Learning how to budget for trips. They will even learn how to make affordable, nutritious and healthy packed lunches.

Why 'Beaches' specifically needs funding now:

These children and young people are at a vulnerable age and at a stage in life where they are learning behaviours and ways of being that will carry them into adulthood.

Delivering 'Beaches' now means they will have the opportunity to develop healthy lifestyles and behaviours as opposed to negative ones. If we intervene now we will catch them at a crucial time in their development - learning positive behaviours and lifestyles that will last a lifetime.
Local authority services that previously provided support for these families have seen significant cuts over the last few years. Without projects like 'Beaches' opportunities for support and positive development are incredibly limited for these children and young people.

Why we need this level of support:

Trelya is all about long-term, positive change. We don't want to just provide fun trips and activities and then leave these children to get on with their lives. We want them to have the opportunity to develop skills that will last a life time and build positive futures. This takes time, effort, skill, expertise and patience.

We are asking Aviva for £9600 towards youth worker, activity and travel costs. Beaches will work with over 30 children and young people aged 8-18.

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Moment of Pride

We are proud of Trelya because of what it has achieved and the incredible differences it has made. Against the odds these children and young people are turning their lives around. It is an amazing example of local people making a real and meaningful difference in their community.

Location: Penzance