Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Life Skills Project 2018 is all about giving homeless young people a chance to obtain skills and qualifications to secure employment and break away from homelessness.
At the heart of the community:
The Clock Tower Sanctuary (CTS) day centre provides information, advice and support to homeless young people aged 16-25 in Brighton & Hove. Open 6 days a week, our centre is supported by our team of 45 community volunteers. Our mission is to intervene early to prevent homeless young people from becoming part of long-term homeless population.
We provide a range of facilities to help deal with the practical problems of homelessness as well as activities, classes and one-one support to enable them to make lasting, positive change.
Brighton & Hove is struggling with the second highest homeless population in the UK (Homeless Link 'Rough Sleeping 2017'). With high private rents and insufficient social housing, a sustained job can be a major route out of homelessness, but many of our clients are the furthest away from the job market. Our Life Skills Project provides access to education, training, and volunteering - the essential stepping stones into work.
Life Skills Project:
With your help, funding from Aviva, will enable us to fully roll-out the Life Skills project in 2018. The project provides a programme of accessible, interactive, 2 hours long AQA accredited workshops which have been developed by young homeless people for young homeless people by a national charity Centrepoint.
The workshops will be delivered by our volunteer team who are all from the local community and who our clients know and trust. Often our clients have not had the opportunity to learn basic life skills or enter into education. Attending courses can at first appear daunting so this project provides a flexible approach which meets the needs of the individual e.g. 121 sessions. Courses include Managing your Money, Living on a Budget, Assertiveness, and CV Writing.
We have a strong monitoring and evaluation framework to help us develop the project and to evidence the projects impact. Client’s involvement is equally important. Following clients feedback, this project will include a ‘Client of the Month’ award to recognise those that have contributed at classes or have encouraged/motivated others to engage.
Who we will help:
The project will be offered to all our clients and we hope 90% of those who take the opportunity will achieve an AQA qualification and inspire others to get involved.
Why Vote for us?
This project is a proven stepping stone into independent living. It has helped to change lives.
In the last 12 months, 65 clients attended a workshop with 100% achieved an AQA accreditation and 61 entered training/education, volunteering or employment. Aviva and the public could help make this, and more, happen in 2018.
Kaylee's Story: Kaylee grew up in a household fraught with tensions, due to her mother’s on-going battle with mental health. By the time she was 19, Kaylee was rough sleeping. Recognising her vulnerability, the CTS staff helped Kaylee quickly secure supported accommodation. Keen to get into work, Kaylee attended a series of Life Skills courses and developed a Personal Plan. Having identified her skills/interests and with a strong CV, Kaylee secured her first job in hospitality. “I love meeting new people at work. For the first time, I feel like I have control on my life and a plan.”
£5,000 will pay for recruitment and training for our volunteers and registration and accreditation for our clients. It will make a massive difference – please vote for us! Thank you.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary

Moment of Pride

Receiving no statutory funding, the CTS is able to continue its work with vulnerable young people thanks to the kindness and support of the local community. This project is key to enabling homeless young people breakaway from life on the streets towards employment and happier, more fulfilled futures

Location: Brighton