Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket Club is seeing a significant rise in cricket interest in the local area. The Club has a 5 Year Development Plan which outlines key strategic objectives for its future and to ensure its sustainability for the next generation of sports men and women.

This application will support the costs of creating an all-weather playing facility for the Club's growing junior section. The fund will be used alongside funds directly raised by the Club, to create a two-bay practice area on the outfield that will provide 'free access for all'. The Club wishes to offer free cricket through this facility, irrespective of age, gender, ability. All social barriers will be removed as this will provide a place of sporting 'sanctuary', where all individuals are free to engage in cricket to promote community inclusivity through fun, enjoyable sport - without limitation.

This application is to enable access to an ‘all-year-round’ sports training facility to promote health & wellbeing in the aid the development of sport and community activities for the population of Bradford, West Yorkshire. It will address the deficit of sports facilities in the area, identified through consultation with the public, who find themselves using out of area facilities. A number of local leisure facilities are being closed in Bradford, meaning opportunities are reduced. This project directly counteracts the reduction of sports facilities in the area and increases inclusivity and community engagement in Bradford.

The facility is a priority for the Club and the local population. It is the main activity highlighted in the Club's Development Plan and it links into strategic priorities within the local area. It will elicit partnership workings including the improvement of club school links between the clubs and feeder schools and result in a co-ordinated approach to sport, promoting health and fitness along the way and directly impacts on ALL project categories.

Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket Club is centred around the heart of the local community. The introduction of this first class training facility is vital to the local area and so important in developing young cricketers. The Club is seeing significant growth in playing interest from local boys and schools of primary school age. In order to cope with the current ground swell of activity, the Club has doubled its number of qualified ECB coaches in 2017 and looks set to do the same in 2018.

For the Club to provide a safe haven of sport for all children, it needs to improve its facilities to capture and retain interest in cricket, in a world dominated by football and rugby.

The Cricket Club has always tried to remain self-sufficient, accessing funding very infrequently. Improvements will encourage more groups to use the facility, proving benefit for those from disadvantaged areas and families on low incomes. There are less community venues now than in previous years, therefore without this facility, there would be very few community opportunities for young people. The project will provide children with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and experiences through team activities. It will develop stronger communities and build partnerships with local groups and organisations to develop a healthier and more active community. The facility will be available 365 days a year for the public to use and enjoy.

Members and supporters have donated around £10,000 over the last 18 months, in a bid to get this project off the ground. This has included a number of fundraising events including race nights, bag packing at supermarkets, door-to-door canvassing and hosting representative games.

The costs of this type of facility are around £20,000, meaning that we require an additional £9,500 to complete the project.

(Health & Wellbeing, Skills for Life, Community Support and Inclusivity).

Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

The Club is committed to the development of young sports men and women in the area. Creating this facility already has wide support from the local area. This is the Club's chance to show the community that it is committed to providing free and inclusive cricket. That's what makes the Club proud.

Location: Low Moor