Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The project aims to help communities who cannot maintain their gardens for whatever reason and tidy overgrown areas. Blackpool Community Action Team is headed up by Pastor James Baker under the umbrella organisation of ROC or Redeeming Our Communities.

Blackpool Community Action team gives people the chance to volunteer either in an administration role or to actually be involved in the garden/land clearance. We partner with other groups like Blackpool Council and Blackpool and Fylde College plus other charities.

We empower deprived communities to take a pride and take up leadership for their areas to maintain them. Our volunteers feel a pride and feel valuable that they are in a working environment again and some have gone on to find employment.

We feel the work we do is essential as it gives people back control over their own lives and a pride in the areas where they live. In Blackpool, there are many disadvantaged and deprived areas and our work is ongoing to ensure a bright tomorrow for these areas. The key thing about our work is to help volunteers back into the job market, in other words, to make them work job ready.

We have volunteers coming through to us from Blackpool and the Fylde college, Blackpool Council, etc where volunteers have the chance to learn how to use garden tools whether powered or manual. Also in our office based at St John's Blackpool we train people in the use of admin equipment where they learn computor skills and other aspects of running an office.

Many of our volunteers than go on through the skills they have learned for further volunteering or indeed to get paid employment. We need funding for a project co-ordinator to run our projects and look after our volunteers. This post would be part-time and woud be for 20 hours a week for 12 months within the region of £12,536.

We also need to equip our gardening volunteers with uniforms and safety equipment which would be branded with the Blackpool Community Action Team logo on them. Each of our training courses costs per individual £260.00 so we need funding to help train people in skills they need whilst with us and later on when hopefully their skills will be put to use in employment.

Of course maintaining peoples overgrown gardens and reclaiming overgrown land is important but the key thing here is we train and make people ready to re-enter the job market. The fact of training and people getting and keeping employment is the key emphasis is this bid for funding.

Redeeming Our Communities and Blackpool Community Action Team

Moment of Pride

What makes me proud of Blackpool Community Action Team is the fact through training whether in the office or on the ground we empower people to find and keep employment. Getting employment through our training gives people a pride again and giving them back their self-esteem.

Location: Church Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom