Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Amersham Band is a brass band, highly valued by the local community. We entertain local people, support civic events and bring people together. We teach music and provide opportunities for group music-making for all ages and abilities. Participation in music can make a big difference to young (and not so young) people through improved educational attainment, character formation and less mental ill-health. It can reduce social isolation and inspire people to take action to change their lives. A parent of band members said;

“We have 3 children in the Amersham Community band. They have benefited immensely from joining the band, not just musically but in confidence, social interaction and teamwork.”

To do all this it is essential that we have accessible and appropriate rehearsal and teaching facilities. We are requesting a grant as a contribution towards the costs of building our new band hall in Amersham.

The band has been at the heart of local life since 1845, bringing the joy of music throughout the community by playing at concerts and public events. In all that time we have never had a permanent home in the town and we will have to move out of our current rehearsal space soon as it is closing. That is why we have developed exciting plans for a new purpose-built band room that will provide a first class music facility and cultural resource in the town centre. There is a real buzz around the band amongst our members and the community at large. During the planning consultation nearly 230 local people wrote in support of the project, many of whom were not previously known to the band. This shows that the band is much loved by the community, with comments from residents such as:

“The band is an integral part of Amersham life playing an important role in major civic events”
“The band is a great asset to Amersham – lovely to listen to on a Summer afternoon on the Memorial Gardens”

The band is unique locally in offering the full range of brass instruments and repertoire accessible to all standards of brass player. Since 2013 we have been developing and extending the band, including our intermediate level band and beginners group. Our membership has doubled to nearly 100 people. We have ambitious growth plans including establishing a Brass Academy, a Youth Band and Big Band.

We have a 70-year lease on a vacant site with planning permission to construct a purpose built facility. Detailed costings place the construction cost at £425,000. We have secured over £110,000 in funding to date including cash donations, pledges and in-kind support that will displace real costs. We have detailed plans to secure the remaining funds from grants, major donors/sponsors, community fundraising and a stand-by loan option (to fund contingencies).

We are requesting a grant of £25,000 which will enable us to complete the next stage of the project which includes all of site enabling works; the access driveway, parking area, utility services and site preparations for the building itself. We plan to complete this stage by mid 2018 and the full project by the end of 2019.

Amersham Band provides valuable community and social benefit. Brass Band England recently described us as “one of England’s flagship bands” and praised our highly valuable music education and social learning, strong community connections and expertise in connecting people. Our proposed new town centre premises will improve the affordability and accessibility of learning and playing a brass instrument, enabling more people to benefit from music. Our mix of group and individual tuition and low membership fees provides a range of low cost options to encourage participation from people whatever their financial means.

A grant from Aviva can make our dream of a new, purpose built, accessible rehearsal facility a reality. Building on our deep community roots, this will ensure we reach many more people in our community and remain at its heart for decades to come.

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Amersham Band

Moment of Pride

Amersham Band is much loved by local people. Our project will secure the future of our historic band, so we can continue to serve the community. Participation in, and enjoyment of, music will be accessible to many more people and we’ll realise our vision to be a centre of excellence for brass music.

Location: Amersham