Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Everyone needs the chance to join in and be a part of a community. In areas where opportunities are limited, private enterprise should act as a springboard for people to be creative, to meet others, to share skills & experience and to try new things. Our plan is to create spaces and provide resources to allow this to take place. In Flintshire, we have a building that needs renovating to create an activity space and community cafe. Local residents have already shared numerous ideas of activities they'd like to get involved with, like gardening clubs, music & songwriting, arts & crafts, family fitness, walking groups etc.
Signed up to help get things going are a range of local experts (artists, tutors, musicians and fitness enthusiasts) who will help lead a series of workshops designed to encourage people to get involved and to contribute in their own unique way.
As the site is also next to the River Dee and a popular cycle path from Chester to North Wales, a number of cycling enthusiasts will get involved to promote cycling as an enjoyable way to keep fit.
If we are successful with this bid, the money will be used to provide a new mains water service into the building, allowing plans for the cafe to be completed.
The local area consists of around 5400 residents. There's a high percentage of over 65's who would relish a new shared space that would allow them to engage with others and to take part in activities with the aim of keeping fit and active. There's also a lot of single parents who have told us they'd love a place to discover new skills and to have opportunities to contribute to developing community involvement.
We believe that having a space to express your creativity, discover & learn, and to belong to a community encourages a sense of well-being and can reduce anti-social behavior, loneliness and anxiety. We would love for people to vote for this project so we can demonstrate how effective building communities can be for improving physical & mental well-being, and in making us a happier and healthier society.

WACE Chester Community Interest Company

Moment of Pride

Everyone involved wants to be part of something that help make peoples lives a little easier. Sometimes we all feel powerless to make a difference, but this is a project that will inspire people to get involved and put community at the center. Seeing how people have responded has made me very proud.

Location: Saltney Ferry