Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Hurstbourne Tarrant Primary School has worked hard over the last few years to fundraise for a half classroom space where it can teach Forest School skills. This building which is being installed this Autumn will have Wi-Fi and can be used both as a flexible teaching space for the school and also as a community based space for small scale projects. Being situated in the midst of rural Hampshire sometimes it is difficult for groups of locals to access classes outside of the village. We are intending to use the space to host regular 'silver surfer' classes hosted by a teacher at the school as a way of developing skills particularly in the older generations who could feel left behind if opportunities are not presented to them. The bid would help contribute to the cost of a fully installed interactive screen in the building which would enhance the learning for the pupils of the school but would also allow efficient and effective teaching to occur with local residents. The dual purpose nature of the space is key to this project. We want to use it both for the children of the school but also more widely, both for the community and for groups of teachers or future leaders of schools to have space for leadership training where they can be mentored and can develop their skill set. The interactive screen would compliment the Forest schools approach that we are intending to run with the children with help from the local community. This approach also teaches skills for life enhancing opportunities for children to develop their collaborative, communicative perseverance skills. This will also run alongside us encouraging children to safely make risk assessments before completing an activity. All of these skills will then hold them in good stead for future life. We are intending to install a digital microscope linked to the Interactive board so items brought back from the woods can be explored in minute detail.

To summarise the grant will contribute to an interactive screen which will promote our forest schools approach involving volunteers from the local community, act as a resource to teach IT skills to our older generations in the village and for mentoring and development work of groups of teachers and future leaders of schools.

Friends of Hurstbourne Tarrant Primary School

Moment of Pride

This project makes me proud as I feel it is a way for the school and local community to work together. It promotes fundamental life skills in all generations. It allows us all to share in learning no matter our age. I am proud as it helps us celebrate the beautiful local area the school is in.

Location: Hurstbourne Tarrant