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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Streatley Allotment Society is a small organisation of 38 plotholders from our own and the neighbouring village of Goring who grow an assortment of vegetables, fruit and flowers on our village allotments. The allotment site borders our village meadow, the recreation ground, and the parish church and churchyard. Together these form the heart of our small community.

The allotments were created 5 years ago from what was weed and bramble covered waste ground, and everyone has worked hard to get it into an attractive and productive state. At the start we had some funding to help clear the site and put in fencing. From this bare beginning we have turned our plots into productive gardens. Communal efforts take care of most general maintenance and improvements to the site.

One of our early projects was to replant the long hedgeline shared with the village meadow. This is now growing well and we keep it in trim. But a second major L-shaped border is formed by trees which affect all of the plots adjacent to it. We want to have this reduced in height and width to let the light in and allow those plots to flourish.

This is too big a project for us to tackle ourselves, and unfortunately the longer we leave it, the bigger and more expensive the job gets. We have had quotes to do the work, but they are all in excess of what we can raise through years of plot fees, which are our only income. Together with our reserves, £1000 would pay for the entire border to be reduced to a height and width that we could maintain ourselves.

This is the last of the major establishment works that are needed on our allotment site, and we very much hope that we can be awarded the funds to allow us to complete it.

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Streatley Allotments Society

Moment of Pride

Like the produce that we plant and tend, Streatley Allotments has established itself through the determination and efforts of our members. We have grown as a group and as gardeners and are proud of what we have produced. We are hopeful that we will soon say 'job done' on this project as well.

Location: Streatley