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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We are based in Chester le Street on the River Wear, close to the Emirates Cricket ground, and have been here for over 100 years.

Over the last few year's the Club has gone from strength to strength, with membership increasing and the profile of the Club getting larger, we are struggling to accommodate all athletes.

Our proposal is to relocate the changing rooms, and then create a dedicated indoor rowing room.

The club has a membership of over 150, with ages ranging from 11 to 60 years, all ages have access to the boats and indoor facilities. We operate using volunteers coaches, who deliver training sessions over 6 days per week, with Friday as a rest day for the club prior to any Saturday competitions. Every Tuesday, the whole club trains at a local school gym.

Rowing, both indoors and on water, is a great fitness builder, increasing strength, stamina, and coordination. It also helps build leadership, with one member of the boat nominated as the crew leader, taking charge of managing the boat for the session.

During the summer months, we operate mainly on the river, but in the winter, we move to indoor sessions during the evenings and use the river at weekends.

Our current rowing machines are getting old, and are ready for refurbishment or replacement, by relocating the indoor rowing room, it will allow us to increase the space and capacity allowing all age groups to row as a team.

Our club already has a diverse membership spanning age, gender and ability and we would like to see this grow. Our aim is to reach out, through community events in Chester-le-Street and the surrounding villages, to encourage more people to take up rowing. The fitness benefits of rowing are obvious but we are also a social club which has built up a strong sense of community through the volunteers who run our club.

Building on the legacy of the recent Olympics, and using our community outreach events to raise awareness we will run a series of Taster Sessions and Learn to Row courses over the next year to increase the number of young people and adults who are participating in sports within the community. Our trained volunteers will run these sessions which will be available to local residents of any age.

Chester le Street Amateur Rowing Club has an exuberant junior membership seeing young people from 11-18 training and racing along the River Wear. We would like to see more young people across Chester le Street improving their fitness and teamwork skills by joining our club. Our volunteers help to ensure that young people continue on in the sport, build on these friendships and gain important transferable skills.

Our adult volunteers are another part of what makes the club so special. Both our ladies and men's squads dedicate a huge amount of time to maintaining our club, training and coaching each other and organising the day to day running of the club. Rowing is often a team sport.

Our objective for this project is to get more people to increase their level of fitness. Run entirely by volunteers, we do as much fundraising as possible through organising races and selling cakes to feed our hungry rowers but our resources are limited. This project will really help us to create a club that's really embedded in our local community with members of all ages and genders enjoying time together.

We hope you will come and join us!

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Chester le Street Amateur Rowing Club

Moment of Pride

The Club has been in existence for over 100 years, and in the last year, we have been voted, by British Rowing, as Coaching team of the Year. For a small, volunteer-run club from the North-East of England to gain this honour is outstanding, and a mark of respect for coaches and volunteers.

Location: Chester le Street DH3 3SJ, United Kingdom