Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are a traditional brass band who love to play a wide variety of music for the local community to enjoy and to improve their quality of life. Our repertoire ranges from the theme from 'Game of Thrones' through to arrangements of classical music such as Dvoraks New world Symphony and specialist brass band music - 'Traversada'.
At times, we struggle to purchase the extras our band needs to ensure we promote the band and present ourselves in the best possible way which is commensurate with our high quality performances for the local community. We want to continue to make our community proud of us as we did when we won the 2nd Section National Brass Band Championships in 2014. We put our town on the map in the brass banding world.
We have had our current uniforms for over 20 years and they are now beginning to look tired, worn and dated. We want to spruce and update up our image and present ourselves to a wider section of the community to continue to show how traditional brass band music is part of our culture and heritage. We need support if we want it still to be there in another 20 years time.
We need to replace 30 old, damaged and tired uniforms and several waist jackets for our percussion for The Marple Band so that their appearances for their local community are commensurate with the high quality of music they produce. We do not have enough uniforms for all the band to wear in different sizes and so on many occasions, band members have to wear plain black jackets. Appearances as you know, are always important and we want to maintain our standing in our local community and when we compete in the annual Brass Band Championships of Great Britain in February 2018
We regularly attract new players from a wide catchment area in Stockport and hope that with a new uniform we will appear even more professional and will attract some of the many talented teenagers in our local community.
The band want to make the Marple community even prouder of their traditional local brass band when they carry out concerts/ events for their benefit. The band regularly undertakes events to support the local community. Some the events (but not all, by any means) in the last 12 months include: The Marple Food Festival, Marple Christmas Cracker Event, Marple Remembrance Day Parade, Christmas Carols at the Barcheser Dale Hall Old Peoples Home in Marple and Compstall Methodist Church rebuilding fund.
In March 2013 the current band became the North West 3rd Section Regional Champions. They then became 2nd Section National Champions in 2014. In January 2017 we consolidated our position in the 2nd Section but with a new conductor we want to regain our place in the 1st section.This has meant a lot of hard work and dedication from its members, we now need to have the uniform that reflects our status.
We have been actively trying to raise money for the uniforms but progress is generally very slow due to band overheads and running costs. Since December 2015, we have raised £4000 of our £7000 target so far and are having some targeted fund raising concerts to raise more funds. It will take a considerable amount of time to achieve our total though our own fund raising and so appeal to the public to vote for us so that Aviva can help meet or goal at the earliest opportunity. We need to raise a total of £7000 to replace these uniforms
If we are successful in our bid we will proudly wear our new uniforms at the NW Regional Brass Band Championships in February 2018. Please help us achieve our goal.

The Marple Band

Moment of Pride

The time,dedication and enthusiasm the band devote to playing traditional brass band music of an exceptionally high standard to all sections of their local community and their desire to stay in the top rankings of the brass band world wherever possible to make their Marple community very proud.

Location: Marple