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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Life Care Radio is a hospital radio station which provides radio shows exclusively to care and residential homes in the hope of alleviating loneliness and isolation and promoting community cohesion. Currently, shows are provided on CDs but bespoke listening units have been designed and are in production to enable listeners to listen to Life Care Radio at the flick of a switch. This bespoke and dementia-friendly programming, coupled with friendly request collectors and dedicated requests means that listeners can enjoy a sense of belonging, interact with the station and enjoy their favourite songs. Currently the station provides shows to around 15 homes, mainly in Brixham and South Devon but they would love to be able to install some listening units in homes around their studio which is based in Totnes.
Towards Totnes is a project aiming to equip 5 homes in Totnes with listening units extending the interactive service to around 155 people aged between 55 and 100+. The anticipated cost of this would be £945.00 which would include installations of routers where applicable to enable broadcast through the homes’ wireless network. The listening units would enable residents to be able to tune in at any time of the day or night to hear their choices of music, play along with specially designed competitions and to feel part of the wider community. Many of the shows are designed with people with dementia in mind and the focus of the station is very much on inclusion. In addition to this, the radio station, in common with other hospital radios, can be a useful training ground for volunteers, often introducing young adults to radio broadcasting and fundraising and giving people the opportunity to become involved in their communities in a really interesting way. Life Care Radio offers volunteers unique opportunities to become involved in a wide range of activities and the extension of the service to Totnes will provide more volunteering opportunities for people in this area.

Life Care Radio

Moment of Pride

Life Care Radio is a small charity which punches well above its weight. The team of volunteers are dedicated and really work hard to make a difference to those who might otherwise become isolated or lonely because they require long term care.

Location: Devon, United Kingdom