Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We provide wheelchair accessible transport for the frail, elderly, disabled and rurally isolated where there is no public transport service. Our fantastic volunteers drove 99899 miles last year on 2697 journeys assisting our clients. We need to purchase a new wheelchair accessible vehicle as demand for our WAVs has increased with more people being encouraged to stay independent in their own homes and the lack of a WAV taxi in our area. We currently have two WAVs however one of them has become unreliable and very costly to maintain which as a small charity we can't manage to fund. We need a vehicle which is available when required and which is cheaper to maintain. We use the vehicles for both medical appointments and also lifestyle trips, enabling clients to access social activities which improves their quality of life, reducing social isolation and keeping them fitter, hopefully reducing hospital admissions. Our car scheme cost £24,100 to run last year, to cover this we apply for grants and receive donations. We do charge fares and only pay our volunteers a mileage cost to help cover their fuel. Our clients only pay for the mileage while they are in the vehicle, we pay for the drivers to get to and from the client which in a very rural area can amount to quite a sum. Our client base has increased significantly in the last few years putting extra pressure on both volunteers and administration. Many families are having to work longer so are unable to help. We do work on a very small budget for the number of clients. Our accounts are scrutinised by Devon County Council as we receive an annual grant from them. All our services are door to door with personal assistance. We provide transport for many groups e.g. Parkinsons, MS

Okehampton & District Community Transport Group

Moment of Pride

Our organisation has been established for 27 years serving our very rural community. We have a great wealth of knowledge of the local area and activities/help available to clients. We have a wonderful group of volunteer drivers who last year gave up 8560 hours of their time including weekends.

Location: Okehampton