Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The last few years have seen a dramatic change in the opportunities and aspirations of the students at The Ramsey Academy, Halstead. Placed in special measures in 2013 by Ofsted, and rarely achieving so much as average GCSE results, it is fair to say that the school has received some strong criticism and bad press in the past.

However, this view changed and the Academy, has been given a new lease of life and has improved significantly with continuously improving results, positive feedback and a more desirable teaching environment.

It is no secret that schools are struggling to maintain improvements in learning environments with the reduction in government funding and, therefore, are sadly unable to contribute large capital sums to restore tired buildings and learning spaces.

With this in mind, we are looking to secure additional funding to refurbish and revitalise our tired and outdated school library. This will enable us to provide a fresh and vibrant learning environment for the current and future students of The Ramsey Academy.

The ‘new look’ library and learning centre will also create a facility for a bookable resource for outside community projects and help us to develop our already successful community links by providing the catalyst for additional learning.

We believe that it is extremely important to instil the benefits of reading to our younger generation and with a warm, inviting space to do so, we hope that this will encourage our students to take advantage of a resource which is sadly becoming less and less popular.

The Ramsey Academy, Halstead

I am proud to be a part of the team that have made such a positive impact on the students of The Ramsey Academy and the school itself. The leadership and management in the school are to be commended for their hard work and commitment.

Location: Halstead, Essex, United Kingdom