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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Reception Outside Area Revamp.

Our current project at Wellstead Primary school is to revitalize an outside space for our reception class children. It will provide them with an area that will help them enjoy their time at school even more, as well as speeding up their development.

Our renovation plans are twofold, making two new additions to the reception play area, to transform it and increase the capacity for variety of use.

Firstly, we will provide the children with a three-stage monkey bar challenge. This will not only keep the children amused for hours on end, testing themselves and each other to improve their skills and speed but it will also have other benefits. Unbeknownst to the happy, swinging children, as they play and practise on the monkey bars, they will be increasing the pace of their development right down to their writing and fine motor skills. Such improvements are well researched and documented. These principles, monkey bars equating to better writing, are not obvious until described but we believe that it makes good sense.

Fine motor skills are the highly precise motor control necessary to bring all five fingers together to do detailed work requiring minute, almost imperceptible movements, such as using a pencil to write your name. However, writing isn't all in the wrist, so to speak. In fact, it involves much of the body. Any improvements that increase the possibility for our pupils to thrive and make even better progress are too good to pass up. This brings us back to the monkey bars. An affordable and efficient way of improving student’s motor skills with equipment they will love to play on and compact enough for the space.

Secondly, the project aims to create an exciting outdoor stage for our pupils. This will be a multi-functional structure used for everything from imaginative role-play at playtime to formal performances for parents and the local community.

Making an outdoor stage will generate great opportunities for imaginative play as well as a unique and stimulating place for performance. Currently, all Wellstead performances are held in the school hall, a lovely space but one that is well used for a variety of other lessons and activities. Performances require time not only for the big night but also for the many hours of rehearsals and practise. With a reception outdoor stage, rehearsals and performances could be done for year R showcases, plays and events, without affecting the rest of the school’s teaching and learning.

A great alternative to normal playground games, the role-play and playtime aspect of this venture will be a fantastic way to encourage communication, language, and social interaction and to build the confidence of our pupils. Again, a chance for us to provide more opportunity for faster development and the best outcomes.

The stage can be arranged with a seating area to create an amphitheatre or an outdoor classroom, allowing our staff and students to be creative in the way they teach, learn and present new ideas. The proposal offers an excellent way of catering for creative and physical energy.

The new life and vitality injected in to the outside space in the Year R area will benefit pupils, parents and staff of the school for years to come. Reception is the first taste of school life our pupils have on their long journey through at least fourteen years of education. We are proud of the brilliant start we are able to give the children with the facilities we already have and the fabulous staff team who work so hard. However, we are always looking to make improvements and to maximize the positive experience for the children. No price can be put on a high quality and solid foundation to a child’s education, what we get right in the early years, helps to set them off with successes to build on that will last them forever. This project will allow us to improve the reception year further and to give our children an even more impressive ROAR for the future.

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Parents of Wellstead

This project is only made possibly by the unmitigated selflessness of all those involved, it is these people that make us all very proud. All the early mornings, late nights, long days and endless to do lists are more than worthwhile to see a beaming thankful smile of an eternally grateful child.

Location: Hedge End