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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Vocabulary at age five is the best predictor of whether children experiencing social deprivation are able to escape poverty later in life.

Our Twinkleboost project delivers speech and language training to parents in deprived communities in the familiar, non-threatening context of a parent-baby class.

Each week our Speech and Language Therapy Assistants skill up parents with powerful techniques, used by Paediatric Speech and Language Therapists to promote language development at home, helping to close the gap between disadvantaged children and their more affluent peers. We are a modern project, using digital technologies to consolidate parent learning, such as weekly emails, youtube videos and social media support.

Last year we worked with 259 parents and 285 children in some of the most deprived area's in Greater Manchester. We are now looking for funding to expand our reach- providing 130 additional families with the skills to break the cycle of poverty and training up 12 peer volunteers from the local area to support our programme.

We know that our programme works- 100% of parents have reported that they use ideas and games at home and 97% have reported increased confidence in supporting their child’s communication development. Our outcome measures including pre and post intervention assessments found that the programme had a positive influence on parent child interaction and child communication. Parents say:

"“We absolutely love the class – highlight of the week! Couldn’t recommend it enough!"

"The info today was absolutely fantastic. I see how I can help develop his speech more by how I talk to him and how I ask questions"

"There is a big difference in how I communicate. I gesture more, offer more choices and am more aware of how my child can communicate without using words”

“I now pay more attention just to talk to the child or just describing my daily routines. I think talking should always be encouraged and sometimes we are not fully aware of it or just forget”

We believe parents are children's biggest influence and most valuable resource. In order to change a child’s life, we first need to empower their parents or carers. A vote for us will help to expand our work, equipping over 100 parents living in poverty with the skills they need to boost their child's vocabulary and provide them with the best chances in life.

Twinkleboost CIC

Moment of Pride

Receiving cards and emails of thanks from parents we have helped makes us incredibly proud. Even though we are a small organisation we are making waves- this year the celebrity Gareth Gates has attended our classes, we've won 6 awards and we've even spoken about our work at a national conference.

Location: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom