Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Seagull Trust Charity provides FREE canal cruising for people in the community with Special Needs and at any age. We operate seven days a week from April to October. We also rn some Santa Cruises in December for children who have special needs. Santa always turns up and gives presents and cards to all the young passengers.
Everyone is a volunteer and all monies raised from donations are place into the Trust accounts so we can maintain our barges, get full certification to take passengers safely, Scottish canals charges and, of course, day to day running costs such as fuel, insurance, training new skippers and crew, heat, light and power at the boathouse.

Cruising takes place on a daily basis and the duration and journey routes are at the wishes of the user group. Free Tea, Coffee and biscuits are provided on board.

The main user groups are from Care and Residential homes and are usually suffering either physical or mental or both, disabilities. We are able to board wheelchair bound passengers by lifts from car park to barge. We have also raised the height of some of the onboard tables so that, passengers needing to stay in their wheelchair, can get right up to the table edge making it easy and safe fr them to eat and drink.

We ensure all Skippers and Crew are fully trained in handling passengers with special needs.

The desperate need for a dry dock is so that we can maintain/repair our barges on site and hence minimising the time to get the barge back into service. At present, we have to use another dry dock quite some distance from our boatyard and that comes at a cost and more days out of service and denying these so deserving members of the community with a therapeutic slow cruise along the open stretches of the Scotland central region canals.

Seagull Trust Cruises

Moment of Pride

As our passengers are suffering from physical and or mental dissabilities it is humbling to provide them with "a day out" travelling at slow speeds along the canal network. We give them some history knowledge as we sail along as well as looking out for wildlife and anything else we can see.

Location: Falkirk