Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We provide school uniform free of charge to those families most in need in the area, through a system of referrals. Packs provided to children and young people consist of new and pre-loved items. But we also want to provide wider community benefit, by giving families access to good quality pre-loved uniform, that may have otherwise have gone to landfill. So we are also developing a system of uniform exchange.

We also deliver support to parents and carers of young children in the area who need a little help. This help is primarily in the form of a ‘starter pack’ for babies, which is presented as a gift from the local community. However, we also provide other items for young children, based on referrals.

We operate a referral system, and families can be referred by a number of professionals and organisations. These include, schools, health visitors, midwives, social workers, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB), and foodbanks.

We require funding support to sustain and further develop the service for those who are most vulnerable in the community. At present there is no other school clothing service within our authority so the need and demand for our service has gained momentum and credibility over a short period of time. If successful, funding will mainly be used to purchase some essential new items of uniform for referrals within the school uniform bank. We aim to provide brand new underwear items and shoes with every school uniform referral. Purchasing a range of underwear and shoes to hold a stock from age 5 to late teens for both male and female is quite costly so funding would be hugely beneficial in providing these most basic items with every school uniform referral to every child. The majority of uniform items supplied for a referral is pre-loved but underwear and shoes need to be new for every referral. Some other essential items such as pyjamas are not donated often and therefor funding would also be used to purchase a stock supply of these in a range of ages from 1yr to teens, both male and female so these are easily accessed and can be provided with every referral. Alongside the new items of clothing we aim to purchase with funding there will also be some essential baby items bought. Like the uniform items, most of our baby items we provide come from donations and are pre-loved however there are certain items that for health and safety or hygiene reasons we have to provide new such as mattresses' for cots, the funding will assist in purchasing these items.

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Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Care

Moment of Pride

We are a group of local busy Mums coming together to provide a much needed service within our local community free of charge. Most of us had never met before yet are forging strong friendships and links as well as helping families less fortunate than ourselves whilst impacting our local community.

Location: Cumbernauld