Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Plumstead Make Merry, launched in 1975, is Greenwich Borough's longest living community festival. Attended by over 7,000 people and organised by a small group of local residents, the festival receives no official funding and aims to celebrate the area's talent, culture, heritage and diversity. This is achieved through showcasing: diverse cultural activities, such as music, dance, drama, arts & crafts, comedy and sports; provision of workshops to enable people to have a go at a new pastime (musical instruments, improvisation, folk dancing, circus skills, water colouring, for instance); talks and exhibitions; community & interest groups; small businesses. In addition, festival-goers can sample foods from home and abroad and there is even a traditional funfair. Depending on how much money is raised and how many people volunteer on the day, the association endeavours to provide as many free activities as possible - and there is no entrance fee.

Plumstead Make Merry Association

Moment of Pride

I am proud that this festival, organised by the community for the community, has been running for 42 years and still attracts thousands of participants. Feedback informs us that residents consider the Make Merry the single most important event that engenders and supports community cohesion.

Location: Plumstead Common Road, London, United Kingdom