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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Poppy’s Crèche is run and managed by Ann, Chris and their valuable team of volunteers. The rescue takes in sick and orphaned hoglets, the term for baby hedgehogs and Ann and her team, work tirelessly to hand rear the youngsters. Young hoglets need feeding by hand every two hours and this can be exhausting. The charity takes in poorly adults as well as hoglets from across Suffolk and has been doing this fabulous work since 2012.

Hoglets come in to Ann often weak, dehydrated and very sick~they need specialist feeding. Poppy’s specialises in babies but Ann takes in all sick and injured hedgehogs needing her help and care. After a busy few years where the number of hedgehogs requiring assistance has grown rapidly in the last 12 months & Ann has treated approximately 350 hedgehogs and hoglets.

Ann and her husband Chris registered as a small non-funded charity in January to assist with their rescue and rehabilitation funds. They are, and continue to be, entirely reliant on donations and all costs including vet bills are met by the rescue. The average hedgehog costs approximately £450 to treat and rehabilitate.

Hedgehogs are in serious decline from our UK gardens and hedgerows. Ann’s wish is to ensure that hedgehogs continue to be a part of our Suffolk wildlife and will be around when our children are adults.

Ann is a fairy godmother for Suffolk hedgehogs and hoglets, often going without sleep for days. As a hedgehog fosterer, I am truly grateful for all of her expert knowledge and her ability to help a hedgehog back to health to be returned to the wild.

Poppy’s has over 4000 followers on social media and promote how gardeners and home owners can help the hedgehog population in their gardens. We also get involved with hedgehog discussions, and assist with questions and queries across the country.
Poppy's Crèche would like to update their facilities so that they can continue to provide the best possible care for the hedgehogs and hoglets in Suffolk. An injection of additional funds would ensure they can make the best use of the room available.

The rehabilitation centre is allocated in the tireless working couple's conservatory. They are in need of:

- New flooring that can be hygienically cleaned

- New breakfast bar sized worktops to complete their treatment on

- Some updated racks to give them treatment bay areas to stow the cages whilst the hedgehogs are recovering/ staying with them

- Suitable storage cupboards to allow them to remain organised and keep the necessary medicines, treatments and foods safely

- Additional storage racks in the couple’s garage where rehabilitated overwintering hibernating hedgehogs stay – so they are not disturbed. Rehabilitated hedgehogs require overwintering when they have not reached the correct weight to be released during the autumn months and would perish or find it hard to find a secure home to hibernate

If Aviva could help to fund this work, it would enable Chris and Ann to update their facilities and help focus on spending their resources on funding the care of the hedgehogs.

Thank you for offering this amazing opportunity to our local hedgehog charity.

Project Video

Poppys Creche Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation

Moment of Pride

It is a honour to be associated with Poppy's and doing our little bit to help hedgehogs continue to be around in Suffolk gardens. I am truly grateful to Ann (Fairy Hogmother) for her dedication & expert knowledge and her ability to help a hedgehog back to health to be returned to the wild.

Location: Stowmarket