Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We run play schemes specifically for school age children on the autistic spectrum. These run on one Saturday each month from 10am to 3pm. We take the children out on mini buses to do fun activities that are appropriate to their age, likes and abilities. This can be for example trips to the beach, zoo, activity centres, light sensory rooms, horse riding, swimming, walking in the park, or cycling.

Many of our children have multiple disabilities and some are non-verbal.

We see our role helping both the children and young people, and also their wider families.
The activities provide the children to interact and socialise with their peers and adults other then their immediate families. We provide stimulating and fun activities. For many of our children this is the only time that they can go out on their own without their carers. We ask for feedback from the carers after our schemes. Sometimes it is just the little things that make all the difference e.g. their child comes back tired, happy, calmer and smiling.

For the carers it gives them much needed respite to either pursue other activities that are impossible with the child with ASC, spend time with the rest of their family, or even just to have a few hours "down time" to relax.

To run these schemes we ask staff who work full time in special need schools and are used to looking after our special children and young people, to give up their weekend time. Our schemes give these staff the chance to develop their own personal skills - sometimes leading schemes for the first time and being in position to manage other people.

Leisure for Autism

Moment of Pride

We ask for feedback every year from the parents / carers of our children. We feel proudest when they tell us that we are the only scheme in the area that they trust to look after their children, knowing that they are in safe hands and their child will enjoy themselves.

Location: Timperley