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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust supports women and their families through the life-threatening and emotionally harrowing ordeal of an ectopic pregnancy. It can affect any woman of child-bearing age, has an impact on their fertility and is the leading cause of death in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Our services are crucial in helping families through a devastating time. We provide support to thousands of women and their families via our website, forum and helpline and distribute information leaflets and posters to hospitals and clinics across the country to disseminate to patients in their time of need. All resources are provided free of charge.

We believe providing information about the condition helps families understand what is happening. Empowering women and their families results in an increase in their personal knowledge and reduces a degree of stress and confusion, helping the healing process.

As a small charity, every penny of income the EPT receives counts. If selected, we seek to utilise Aviva's donation to build on our crucial suite of information leaflets. £1,000 would enable us to produce a new information leaflet to explain the emotive topic of what happens to the remains of the pregnancy. This question is frequently asked and we believe that families have a right to know their options with such a sensitive subject at this difficult time. Importantly, the leaflet would signpost to our support services so that families can get the support they need at this challenging time.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

Moment of Pride

Many women and their families become aware of the charity through our leaflets and posters. We are proud to say that the vast majority of hospitals in the UK use our information. We achieve this on a tiny budget.

Location: London