Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Oundle Cinema makes a valuable contribution to the area's cultural fabric by screening hand picked, well made, interesting films and documentaries in Oundle and the surrounding villages. Run by over 70 volunteers and managed by the Oundle Music Trust, the Cinema shows 30 screenings a year in Oundle and supports 50 further screenings in the local villages. It provides affordable, interesting and often thought provoking entertainment in friendly, local venues for people of all ages, but particularly liked by those who are elderly, do not like to travel far and who live on their own. The screenings are loved by those who attend, who enjoy the familiarity of the experience, and the Cinema also serves to bind the community. Volunteers have a chance to play a role in a project of which they feel proud and they feel part of a 'team'. Films shown are not necessarily the latest Box Office hits, but are selected for their artistic merits. Some of them will never be screened in mainstream venues or on the television.
We are looking for support to help us to continue to run this valuable community project.

Oundle Music Trust

Moment of Pride

Well made, thought provoking films and documentaries are screened, not just the latest Box Office hits. Volunteers are involved in almost every aspect - selecting & screening the films, and running the customer facing activities on the night. Screenings are local, friendly and enjoyed by patrons.

Location: Oundle