Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The club has expanded, provides many activities and events for its members and the community. But there is clearly a need for more, a demand for more. Skye has been deemed to be disadvantaged by lack of access to services and provision because of remote rurality (Scottish Government). Our Island Capital is a 50mile round trip it is the centre of the island and holds three youth services and leisure centre. These other services are not accessible to young people from the Broadford and South End of Skye area due to no public transport. It should be noted that its is a 2 hour journey to the nearest Urban area - Inverness.
Broadford Youth Club has identified a NEED for more and expansion of what it currently offers. After consulting local police officers, our community council, and schools all have identified that the more provision for young people there is the less likely they are to get involved in vandalism and other criminal offences such as underage drinking and drug consumption.
We have identified a need for more provision for our young females in the south end of the Island.
The club attracts many male members and they have lots of activities such as Football and other sports. The girls unfortunately do not take part in these male dominated activities. We hope to fund a new post, a Youth Worker dedicated to running sessions for our Girls, and possible activities that they will take part in along side the boys.
We hope to receive funding for a part-time (5hrs) youth worker post so the Club can create a Girls Group project - Arts & Crafts, textile workshops and small leadership awards. Idea of this girls group is to increase their skills, their ability to work as a team and communication. Receive the same opportunities as the boys session do.
In order to achieve this we will recruit a new youth worker with specific experience in running activities for teenage girls.
Funding would enable a single sexed programme for girls to be increased, which would in-turn attract more girls to the club.(we currently have more boys than girls).
We also recognise that teenage girls are less likely than boys to participate in Sport and Outdoor activities.
The club has considerable involvement in sport (football & Badminton), which is particularly attracted to the boys and puts off girls participating.

Broadford Youth Club

Moment of Pride

BRDYC has grown 10-100 in the last 8 years. I have been a youth worker for the last 10 years and worked with various clubs voluntary and employed. BRDYC has a commitment like no other. It has an amazing senior youth membership who are fantastic support to the community. Proud is an understatement!

Location: Isle of Skye, United Kingdom