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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Scunthorpe Cooperative Junior Choir (SCJC) is an open access community youth choir which provides opportunities for young people to sing and develop a range of skills, confidence and experience performing to audiences across the region, country and abroad in concerts, tours and competitions. On Sat 14th October 2017, our 70 young choristers have an amazing cultural and choral opportunity to both explore and sing in the illuminated ruins of Fountains Abbey in Ripon. This is an outdoor evening concert organised by the National Trust.
SCJC is a not for profit charity that operates from within a socially deprived area of North Lincolnshire and seeks to finance this trip at the lowest cost possible to both choir and parents. Unlike most events in our calendar, we are not being paid a performance fee or travel expenses for this concert and so we need to raise the funds to pay for coach hire and to subsidise the purchase cost of new warm SCJC hoodies to wear for the evening outdoor performance. Safeguarding is our first priority on all SCJC events and a uniform is essential to ensure that our chaperones can easily recognise our choristers and keep them safe at all times. Our parents have made a contribution towards the cost of the hoodies however as an inclusive organisation, SCJC always seeks to subsidise uniform and tour costs to those families in need of financial support. Some of our families have more than one child in choir and a number of our choristers would rarely leave their postcode area to visit such a significant cultural setting.
SCJC has a dedicated team of professionally qualified leaders who provide a fun and enriching environment for our young choristers to learn to sing and perform to an incredibly high standard. We constantly strive to seek out new opportunities and challenges to raise skills, confidence and aspirations of all our choristers and we believe that the Fountains by Floodlight 2017 project supports these aims in several ways. The day has been carefully designed to provide fun social bonding activities, invaluable for both individual and choir development as well as providing a unique and atmospheric performance opportunity that the children, staff, and parent volunteers should remember and cherish for many years to come.

Scunthorpe cooperative Junior Choir

For nearly 100 years generations of SCJC choristers have enthusiastically performed as ambassadors for Scunthorpe and they never disappoint the volunteers that work so hard to support their excellence. We have musical leaders who have returned as ex choristers to continue the valuable SCJC work

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