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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Cromar Future Group is a small educational Charity set-up by local volunteers in a remote rural area in Aberdeenshire. We support four local Primary Schools by running three after-school science Clubs. We also provide additional volunteer support to an existing coding club in a fifth school. We organise an annual Science Festival locally (see video) and bring in additional science activities especially for that.
The equipment for hands-on science experimentation is not readily available in primary schools, so everything we use, we bring with us (with the exception of computers where we use the school's).
We are building up stocks of basic science equipment ranging from programmable robots to test tubes and portable bunsen burners. This equipment is used in after-school Clubs and children’s holiday workshops and is available for loan to local primary schools for their own science sessions. We have recently loaned our magnets and our "weight versus mass" experiments to a local primary school, for example.
We do not charge for any of our work with children and so we look for help in funding. We have spent nearly £2000 to date on equipment, and yet we have only half the portable bunsen burners we need and two out of the six microscopes we would like. We have an animation kit, and this is proving so popular that we would like to buy another one. For some of our projects , we need one-use kits such as the EM4 robot to give the children experience of making a geared and electrically driven robot.
Every penny we receive will be spent on equipment.
We feel that we help inspire children to STEM subjects which enhances their career prospects. We also help them have easy access to quality science activities locally. (For our rural children, the nearest science centre is a round trip of over 60 miles.)
Our thanks to the Digital Tech Team of Aberdeenshire Council for the use of the video.

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Cromar Future Group

Moment of Pride

Children don't have to come to an after school science club, they choose to come. We are proudest when we get feedback from parents that this is the highlight of their school week and when we see a child come alive to some aspect of science or technology that catches their interest and imagination.

Location: Tarland