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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The earlier that teenagers begin drinking and the more they drink, the more likely they are to smoke, try drugs, engage in risky sexual activity, be involved in an accident, violence or assault. Children with learning disabilities are three times more likely to be abused and sadly, alcohol is often used to groom vulnerable teenagers. Children with ADHD are also three times more likely to face addiction in adulthood.

The Alcohol Education Trust supports children to learn to stay safe around alcohol through its work in schools, youth and sports clubs across Britain. We are proud to be a finalist in The Charity Times Best Small Charity 2017 awards, recognising our tireless work training teachers, guiding parents and providing engaging fun interactive resources that build knowledge, resilience and life skills to help young people learn how to look after themselves and others around alcohol.

However, one in five children, as well as parents & carers in Britain are estimated to have a reading age of under 11. The AET engage over 50,000 parents & carers in how to build tough love relationships with their children, be good role models and set boundaries. We also work with 110 special schools and pupil referral units each year as well as looked after children who have some of the worst outcomes for alcohol and drug abuse and are four times more likely to have educational needs than the average child. By helping these children understand consent, motivations of others, complexity of social situations and how to control impulsive decision-making we build their understanding of how too much alcohol can enhance their vulnerability, change their behaviour and impact on their emotional and physical health.

To support this work we need picture and story led easy read information and guidance to complement our face-to-face work with both children and adults who find reading a challenge and a barrier to learning. We need to raise £10,000 to design and produce two EASY READ guides, one for parents & carers on 'Talking to Kids About Alcohol' (TTK) and the second for teenagers on 'Alcohol and You' (A&Y). These will be available in print form and online via our website for teenagers and site for parents & carers.

With your money, we can produce 15,000 copies of A&Y that will be used with teenagers in small groups when they learn about alcohol in personal social and health education lessons in school. They complement the free scenario cards and picture stories that we supply to special schools, schools with a high level of children with learning difficulties and pupils referral units as part of our award winning 'talk about alcohol' programme. Professionals supporting young people as well as youth groups and sports clubs will also be offered the easy read support which complements the short films, games and activities that are supplied by us for these settings free of charge.

In addition, each year we hold at least 36 face-to-face talks for parents and carers on how to keep their children safe around alcohol in a non-preachy way, reaching 1100 last year. Parents are the key suppliers of alcohol to under 18's, but presume it is peers and friends and they also vastly over estimate the number of teenagers who drink and get drunk. The average age of a whole alcoholic drink in England is at age just 13 and overwhelmingly in a family setting. By changing parents perceptions of what's 'normal' we build their confidence and understanding as to what age and how much is appropriate and how to cope with teenage parties and peer pressure. 80,000 visited our parent website area, where the easy read resources will also be, laying out clear information on the law and how to support their child. With your support, groups of foster carers, parent groups and school PTA's will be able to have the easy read guidance free of charge too as we will be able to produce 15,000 copies.

The Alcohol Education Trust

Moment of Pride

The Alcohol Education Trust is a small charity, with a dedicated team of just 7 staff. Amazingly, we support over 350,750 children, 4700 teachers and 50,000 parents/carers each year to help keep teenagers safe around alcohol. What's more our fun non-preachy approaches are shown to change behaviour!

Location: England, United Kingdom