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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Confide Counselling Service is a Shrewsbury-based charity and has been providing quality counselling for 30 years; the charity is based in the Roy Fletcher Centre and provides professional, affordable counselling. Confide’s qualified counsellors see adults and children aged 11 and over suffering from mild to moderate mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, bereavement, stress, low confidence, current or past abuse or workplace difficulties. Fees are on a sliding scale dependant on income and personal circumstances, where funding permits we provide free counselling to people in need who could not afford to pay for their therapy.

We also organise personal development opportunities for counsellors; it is a requirement for registration that therapists undertake regular training and for volunteers this can be costly. Our seminars cover a range of relevant topics and we offer lower fees for volunteers or student counsellors.

We receive calls each week from parents and carers desperate to access therapy for their children and young people. Whilst we can offer counselling for young people aged 11 and over, we can only provide this on our low-fee service as there is no public funds . For many families, their ability to earn is already compromised by having to provide additional support to their distressed child. For those on low income, to make a weekly contribution is just not possible.

If successful we would use this grant to fully fund a number of sessions for children and young people aged 11-16, who would otherwise be unable to access counselling because their families are unable to part-fund their sessions. This funding would also enable young people to refer themselves to Confide for counselling, at the moment they would have to ask their parents to pay towards the therapy.

Confide Counselling Service

Moment of Pride

Confide is a wonderful organisation to be involved with. The feedback from our clients shows our service makes a huge difference. Everyone gives so much - all of our counsellors volunteer for a half-day every week, everyone pulls together to fundraise and to support the clients as much as possible.

Location: Shropshire, United Kingdom