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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Lunsford Primary School is a small 1 form entry school with 210 pupils aged 4-11.

We have an enthusiastic number of parents who give their time to help run “Friends of Lunsford School” (FOLS). Each year FOLS do what they can to raise additional funds for the children at the school. This summer we had a great summer fair attended by children, staff, parents and people in the local community. FOLS also hold a Christmas Fair, Quiz nights, arrange Mother's Day events and get involved with helping to raise money for other charities such as MacMillan and Children in Need.

Some of the funds raised during the last academic year were used towards purchasing new computers for the ICT room, and replacement chairs and blinds for some of the children's class rooms.

Earlier in the year the Head Teacher removed the internal doors from the School Library to really open up the space and provide a larger area for the children to read, relax and discover books. Following on from this, we would love to be able to update and expand on the books available in the Library and provide some comfortable seating. Updating the library is a project that will run alongside and complement the School Improvement Plan for the year. The school is investing in the Power of Reading and we would like to supplement this by investing in the Library which is well used by all classes across the school as well as the wider community such as our local Church on Sundays.

By gaining this grant FOLS will be able to support the school, its children and the wider community. We would like to make the space exciting, comfortable and inviting so that children will want to go there to read, research and discover stories and characters. Reading helps fuel children's imagination and creativity. It helps with their writing and everyday learning in all subjects as they progress throughout the school, onto secondary school and eventually into the 'real world'.

The aim of Lunsford Primary school is,” to create a nurturing, creative and inspiring environment which enables us to have valued, happy and independent learners” We want children to develop a lifelong love of learning and in modern day times full of technology, I-Pads, computers and games we want to ensure that all children have access to and enjoy reading a good book.

With the withdrawal of funding for local libraries we are very proud our school has a designated library and we want to develop this for the children of Lunsford School. With the above in mind, we would use the Aviva Grant funding to purchase some new books for the Library and also some suitable seating where the children could get comfortable and loose themselves in a story.

Friends of Lunsford Primary School (FOLS)

Moment of Pride

We are very proud of our school and our children are at the heart of it. Lots of people give up their time to help and nowadays where people are constantly rushing about, juggling family’s, work and other commitments it’s lovely to know our school has a real sense of community about it.

Location: Swallow Road, Larkfield, Aylesford ME20 6PY, United Kingdom