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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The village of Rippingale, with a population of just over 1,000, is situated in South Lincolnshire and is a very rural community with restricted facilities for its inhabitants. Local incomes of the young families in the village are not great. Rippingale is some 5 miles from the nearest town, Bourne and has limited transport links, with one weekly return bus service. This means that the children of the community cannot easily access local exercise and leisure facilities. The village had a primary school which closed some 12 years ago; this has been sold and is used as offices. Its playing field is in the process of being sold for development. This has seen the availability of play facilities in the village diminish markedly.

The Parish Council have recognised this deficiency in the past. A children's play area was built some 17 years ago in a field which was bequeathed to the community. This comprises of swings, a slide, a see saw, a climbing frame and a toddler multi play structure; the remainder of the field is used for sporting and other social events and there is also a sports court. This latter facility also need upgrading. The play equipment is very worn, outdated and difficult to maintain. Parents are becoming frustrated that the grounds are not all-weather and are prone to be muddy and slippy when inclement weather occurs. This inhibits play and can result in children being restricted to the home.

The Parish Council, who administer the Rippingale Jubilee Playing Field Trust have plans to replace this facility. However its funds are limited and the village has a small wealth base with which to contribute to the Project in a totally realistic way. The cost of new modern equipment is envisaged to be:

Cost of new play equipment £10,843(exc. VAT)
Cost to Install equipment £7022 (exc. VAT)
Cost to supply & install surfacing £10,917 (exc. VAT)
Cost of removal & disposal of old equipment and grass seeding £5,976 (exc. VAT)

TOTAL £34,758 (exc. VAT)

The Parish Council have currently raised £6,500 towards the project and other Community fund raising should see another £2,500 available; a total of £9000, so a present shortfall of £25,758. VAT will also have to be paid but can be claimed back.

It is clear that the current play equipment is not being utilised as fully as it could be due to the ground it stands on, its age and current standard of upkeep. The local children are therefore being denied a facility which would aid their physical and mental development. New equipment, as shown, would provide a suitable safe venue for them to play and be able to improve their fitness, strength and co-ordination. A new facility would prove a focal point for the village, where the Community can meet and socialise, in company with their children. It is felt that a grant from the Aviva Community Fund would assist immeasurably in allowing the Project to be taken forward and realised.

Rippingale Jubilee Playing Field Trust

Moment of Pride

The local community has a strong rural ethos and there is an active support structure to assist all its population, no matter what their ages. It has however been recognised that children's facilities require upgrading and this has been acknowledged by a drive to replace the old play equipment.

Location: Rippingale