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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


TEP wants to bring residents who reside on the banks of the Thames onto the Thames in boats that will explain the river and it's environment and ecology. Not your usual boat trip, these boat trips takes disadvantaged residents, usually children and their parents or play workers, out into the Estuary to tell them about the wildlife and structures which protect their homes from flooding. We have run these boat trips over the past two years with residents of Poplar and Thamesmead, and because of their success we are getting requests to run the trips from Ebbsfleet and Southwark. The longer we run them the more requests we get. After last month's trip, the children said it was their favourite trip and would like to go again. When we reported it in our monthly e-news, a Southwark councillor got in touch about the Dicken's Estate where 'these children never get a holiday'. On the trip we do a number of activities which engage the children in learning. Firstly we ask what they think about the Thames and all of the children love speaking into the microphone. Then we set them an 'I spy' game with pictures of seals, the Woolwich Ferry, cranes, the Flood Barrier, porpoises, herons, etc. They all claimed to have seen every single thing. Lunch, the best part of the day, is next and then in the afternoon we give them a choice of activities: colouring or game playing. Colouring was the most popular and they sat outside on top of the boat on a sunny day colouring in Thames animals and structures, including boats. The animals and plants seem to be the most popular. In the games sessions they played 'Thames whispers' (like Chinese whispers) and Thames charades.

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TEP packs a punch, with only 3 full time staff we manage achieve so much by working with volunteers, interns, pro bono and other free professional services. We know it is useful because the volunteers say they get a lot from it and our stakeholders -5,000- appreciate our activities and tell us so!

Location: River Thames, United Kingdom