Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The World Music Garden will be located at Brogdale Collections, Faversham, Kent – the home of the National Fruit Collection, with over 3,500 varieties of fruit it is the world’s largest collection of temperate fruit. The World Music Garden will be inclusive of all ages, gender, backgrounds and abilities and will provide a unique outdoor musical experience where individuals, families, groups and all the community can come together to explore music-making through the use of custom-made, all-weather musical instruments from different continents and cultures and made from a variety of natural and man-made materials.

The musical instruments will be made by renowned musical instrument maker, Jamie Linwood. They will include; a Xylophone made from Honduran Pine, an Aluminium Bat Phone with giant tuned metal tubes, three upright hollowed-out Log Drums, similar to those used by different Amazonian tribes in ceremonies and they can be played by three people at once allowing exploration of interlocking rhythms and Tubular Gongs, giant hanging aluminium tubes which sound like Javanese kempul gongs. All the instruments will have a diverse sonic palette and can be tuned to the same pentatonic scale, so they can all be played harmonically together without any previous musical experience. Signage will provide information about the instruments, materials and musical scales used to produce the instruments and the key benefits of music. The idea behind the World Music Garden was that we wanted to provide a fully participatory musical experience that is totally inclusive for all and brings the whole community together to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and benefits of music, some of which include; improvements in happiness, motivation, reduction in stress and depression, enhances sleep and memory.

We want everyone to take part and experience music and sound making, with access to disabled and disadvantaged persons. The World Music Garden will also assist physical and mental rehabilitation and recovery e.g. Stroke survivors and people with Alzheimer’s. Many other groups will benefit such as; pre-natal groups, older people groups, art and music groups, community organisations, children’s groups and health groups, schools (an educational resource for KS1, KS2 and KS3 children) and individuals and families and local businesses e.g. team building days, to name but a few beneficiaries from the community.

A summary of the World Music Garden’s benefits, include:
• A unique outdoor musical experience inclusive of the whole community
• Inclusive of all people, ages, gender, backgrounds and abilities with activities that everyone can take part in.
• Advances musical education for children, schools and adults with access for disabled and disadvantaged people
• Promotes musical exploration and appreciation
• Provides a direct experience of how materials affect sound, and sound affects our physical bodies
• A friendly-user activity for people with music ability or none
• Music is a proven form of therapy and assists physical and mental rehabilitation and recovery
• Builds confidence and community participation and togetherness
• Exposes visitors to different cultures through custom-made musical instruments
• Promotes healthy outdoor activity in an uplifting countryside location
• Offers volunteering opportunities for local people to help supervise the World Music Garden
• Highlights the importance and possibilities of recycling materials

Funding request:
The cost for The World Music Garden is £12,000.
We are seeking funding of £4,950, as we have the remainder of funding already in place. The funding request is for:
Aluminium Bat Phone (£1,650)
Three Upright Log Drums (£2,700)
Four Information Boards (£600)
(These boards will include; information about the musical instruments, materials used, musical scales, tips on how to use the instruments and the key value and benefits of music).

Brogdale Collections

Moment of Pride

Although Brogdale Collections is a small charity it is making a huge difference by bringing together a wide range of people to appreciate and enjoy the amazing fruit collections and our other activities. The World Music Garden will play a key role in continuing to build community togetherness.

Location: Brogdale Road, Ospringe, United Kingdom