Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Ribble Valley Raiders CC is a free of charge cricket club offering coaching and cricket based experiences to children aged 4 - 16.Our weekly outdoor sessions are open to anyone as there is no membership fee or training fee to be paid.Thus making them accessible to all sections of the community.

Having just completed our second league season we have grown as a club and have 70 children attending our weekly sessions.We have an U9, U11 and U13 team that play competitively in the Ribblesdale League. In addition,we also organise family trips to watch cricket at Lords and Edgbaston and also undertook our first ever cricket tour to York this August.Regular fun, family events such as Kwik Cricket Festival, Ladies Festival and Adult / Child tournament are arranged to develop a community wide aspect to the club.

We are applying to the Aviva fund in order to purchase a mobile cricket net costing £1000 which would be used by the children attending our outdoor sessions during the cricket season.This would be an invaluable piece of equipment as families could simply wheel it out onto the field and use it outside of the official training nights - thereby maximising its use and offering great value for money.Access to such a resource would enable children to train at more regular intervals and develop a stronger passion for the game as well as help to improcve their skills further.


Moment of Pride

It is a true example of a community club that exists to serve the needs of local families.The fact that it is the only free of charge cricket club across the Borough makes it sport for all.This has helped to bring people from different racial, socio - economic and religious backgrounds together.

Location: Clitheroe