Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Music, games and sharing a meal all help to bring people together and our Time For Togetherness ( TFT) Project for 2018 aims to do this through three multicultural ceilidhs and a summer barbecue. We piloted similar events in 2017 with great success for Polish, Romanian, Syrian, Moroccan, Algerian, Chinese, Sudanese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Kurdish, White Scottish and Iraqi children, young people and their families. The children and young people come from our various projects including: 4-2-7, 4Corners, and Stepping Up for children struggling to fit in at school and in the community; the Banyan Project for children affected by domestic abuse; Safe Haven supporting Syrian refugee families being resettled in Edinburgh; Yolo Sistas for teenaged BAME girls with domestic caring responsibilities; or our Early Years Chinese Families Project, where several children have a disability.
At our first lively ceilidh a Syrian sister and brother, who a few months previously would hide under a table when planes flew overhead or panic at the sound of the school bell, were seen playing instruments and taking a starring role. The ceilidh music is provided by Citizen Curator, a local charity focusing on identity and creativity. Arts and crafts materials and face-painting are also available and there is plenty of food…
The relaxed atmosphere of the summer barbecue helps provide a sense of freedom to those whose lives are often constrained by serious problems such as neighbourhood harassment, family illness, past traumatic experiences and present anxieties. A Kurdish father lost a leg when ISI S fired on the taxi he was driving (killing his passenger); a Syrian boy had been in his school when it was bombed and his teacher killed; the Roma families have often been subjected to racial harassment and community hostility; family domestic abuse often has a devastating effect on the lives of the children.
Both the ceilidhs and the barbecue in 2018 will provide a chance for over 100 children and parents to meet new people and make friends and are an important and helpful stepping stone towards social inclusion and improved life chances– as well as being occasions full of fun and laughter. This is what we want TFT to bring about in 2018 and we hope you can help us make it a reality.

Multi-Cultural Family Base

Moment of Pride

Being involved with Multi-Cultural Family Base (as a Trustee) is one of the best things which has ever happened to me. It's an amazing organisation with dedicated staff supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable families, including many new migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Brilliant!

Location: 50 Coburg Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom