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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Moorsbus CIC are all volunteers. Since 2014 we have been building a bus network for the North York Moors, so that everyone can enjoy this lovely area. Most of our passengers are aged over 60, but all generations and nationalities are welcome on our buses, which also have space for wheelchairs and for (well behaved) dogs. For three summers we have run a Sunday bus network, including more destinations and months each year. Each year we have saved up the fares and bus pass reimbursement for the following year, and also many passengers have donated money. We also do fundraising each year, and have had funds from bequests and from some Parish Councils. We would like funding from Aviva to help us to run all our services on Fridays and Saturdays too in 2018. We have asked for the full cost for August, but again we will be able to carry forward fare and pass income towards running the same services in 2019. It costs around £400 for each bus each day, and we get around £150 back in (affordable) fares and pass reimbursement per day, but much less on a wet day! So £400 x 3 bus routes x 2 extra days x 4 weeks = £9600. For this sum Aviva would enable us to run our network on Fridays and Saturdays throughout August. With an average of 100 passengers boarding each bus during its daily journey, this Aviva funding would give pleasure to 100 people x 3 buses x 2 days x 4 weeks = 2400 people. However we know that some passengers will come every week!

Many people use the Moorbus services for part of a day's walking, independent or guided. Such walks often include a pub or a cafe. Plenty of passengers just go for the pub or cafe, or for a look in the gift shops and galleries. Others go to local attractions such as Helmsley Walled Garden, Rievaulx Abbey, Ryedale Folk Musuem, Danby National Park Centre, or the wonderful view from Sutton Bank., where bicycles can also be hired. Some folks can't walk far at all any more, and so spend more time on the buses. Many people come with friends or partners, but many others live alone, and enjoy chatting with fellow passengers. All these choices add up, and by enabling people to get to all these places and activities, Moorsbus helps to keep people active and happy, and reduces isolation and loneliness.

Many of our supporters like the fact that we help to reduce the number of cars in the National Park. This helps to reduce the air pollution that causes breathing problems, and the traffic congestion on country roads and at popular destinations. Our passenger surveys show that around 40% of our passengers do have a car but leave it at home. The other 60% could not get to the National Park if Moorsbus didn't bring them.

In 2017 we worked with the Esk Valley Railway to win a Transpennine Express funding bid, so that we could run an extra bus with specific connection to trains at Danby and Malton on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. We think it is very important to improve the connections between buses and trains, so that people can travel from further afield for a day trip or for a longer stay. From 2018 a MoorsPlus ticket will allow travel on train and bus on the same MoorsPlus ticket. But of course bus passes will still be accepted on our buses.

Moorsbus Community Interest Company and Friends of Moorsbus will continue to try to raise funds for 2018 and beyond. More funds means more days or more routes or more frequency. In 2017 we ran our Sunday network from May until September, and we would like to do this on Fridays and Saturdays too We push out passenger survey forms on every bus to help us get the feedback that we need to know how to develop. We also spend some funds every year on printed timetables and on posters, because we know that not everyone can find bus information on the internet. We have volunteers who take our timetables to libraries, cafes, pubs, and notice boards in many towns. For more information please visit our website

Moorsbus Community Interest Company

Moment of Pride

Moorsbus is organised by passengers, with over 600 people already on our contacts list. We all love the North York Moors National Park. All funds we raise increase good connecting bus services so we can travel to the Moors, by bus or train, from the towns, cities and villages where we live.

Location: North York Moors, United Kingdom