Skills for life

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Stepping Stones DS is a charity supporting children with Down Syndrome and their families. We would like to provide a social communication group for our young adults with Down Syndrome.

The government provision for speech and language is poor for young people with DS once they reach 16, yet evidence shows the ability to learn and improve is constant. We would like to provide a group facilitated by a specialised speech and language therapist, where our young adults can improve their speech and language, socialise with their peers and build their confidence within a safe and inclusive environment.

Improved speech and social communication greatly benefits our community and provides more opportunity for greater independence and better quality of life for our young people.

Stepping Stones DS

Moment of Pride

SSDS are always looking for new ways to support their members. They have a history of providing incredible communication groups for preschool members and now they are looking to support the young adults in the same way. I am so proud to be involved with such an innovative and caring charity.

Location: Fleet