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Funding level: Up to £1,000


St Teath is a small village on the edge of Bodmin Moor to be proud of. Our school is at the heart of a very strong community. We are a group of volunteers that have set up a voluntary organisation in order to raise money for play equipment within the village. We have successfully just raised the money for a new park within the village as the equipment had been condemned and now wish to help the school to provide outdoor learning and play equipment for all pupils on our recreation ground.

This would presently benefit 117 pupils. In addition, siblings of those children or children within the vicinity not yet in education. The pupils will all use the outdoor space 3 times daily.

From consultation with parents via word of mouth, we know that they would like to see their children in an outdoor environment as much as possible and to ensure that the outdoor space is a space for learning which addresses the children's developmental needs as well as physical needs.

The school have unfortunately been unable to finance any equipment to improve the outdoor space due to external government cuts. The parents, school and children are proactive and enthusiastic and carry out fundraising activities, ie, school discos, cake sales etc and have recently held a Car Boot Sale but it will take some time to have enough to be able to purchase equipment for the outdoor space.

The equipment will suitable to children of all abilities and needs, as we want to ensure that all children are able to participate in a learning environment outside.

Being able to have a creative and fun outdoor area, will stimulate a child's imagination, increase physical activity and encourage active lifesyles, build confidence and encourage oppurtunities to develop their physical and environmental education. We believe that our children deserve this.

St Teath Play Equipment Association

Moment of Pride

Our community consists of hard working and enthusiastic local people whom support each other. We rely heavily on community support and work together well. Several members of the community are all willing to volunteer their time to help to improve the outdoor space.

Location: St Teath CP School, United Kingdom