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Reaching Out: Every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury. It can happen to anyone and it can be life changing . Survivors often face severe financial hardship and employment problems as well as experiencing major health and physical problems and they often find functioning socially and carrying out day to day activities of daily living extremely difficult. Indeed, Brain injury survivors, their families and carers are often bewildered and very distressed by the sudden and dramatic changes,affecting every aspect of life.Headway West London is a small local charity (an independent off shoot of the national Headway organisation) which works with the survivors and their families in West London both when they are in hospital and after they are discharged. We promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and aim to make a difference to an extremely vulnerable group in society by providing help, support and information to adult brain injury survivors, their families and carers when they most need it. We are inclusive and do not turn people away and we do not charge for our services but there is no statutory funding for our work. We have to raise every penny ourselves. Much of our work is carried out by experienced, very committed volunteers, including our committee of trustees, but, as our work has grown, we have employed a wonderful part time link worker and we are aiming to employ another part time outreach worker to develop our work further. We run monthly support groups with additional social activities, a monthly walk and talk group,a monthly newsletter, a support helpline and website and a twice weekly drop in support service at St Mary's Hospital Paddington plus follow up sessions and special events and activities. Our link worker attends St Mary's weekly neurology and neurosurgery outpatient clinics and also links with the trauma ward and the occupational therapists and physiotherapists. This includes patients (and their families) on the acute wards plus all the new patients in both neurosurgery and neurology outpatients and at least half of the returning ones. We aim to reach out to 60 new survivors and family members each month. All need specialist advice and support as they commence the rehabilitation process. And much of the support has to be one to one. We aim to facilitate much-needed peer support and offer a crucial opportunity for survivors and their relatives and friends to meet other survivors and families going through similar experiences, in a supportive, caring environment. This reduces the isolation that these families face at such a stressful time and provides them with links to ongoing support in their community. They will have the opportunity to develop relationships with peers of their own choice and engage in activities within the community they find personally fulfilling. We shall encourage individuals to access volunteering opportunities and training opportunities and we would further develop our programme of social activities and interactive information sessions. We want to reach at least 720 survivors plus their families and carers each year and we would like Aviva to fund the costs of our monthly daytime family support sessions. Please help fund our vital work. We need your support and this could make all the difference to a very vulnerable group of people at a crucial time in their rehabilitation process .

Headway West London

Moment of Pride

Our members strive against great odds to carry on and make the best of their lives and they want to reach out and help others facing a similar situation. We keep our costs down and fund raise all the time. We always aim to make a difference.

Location: Westminster, London, United Kingdom