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The Harvey Hext Trust - A Siblings Wish
A charity supplying bespoke, personalised, wooden memory boxes to children who have lost a sibling.

A Sibling's Wish supplies high quality, wooden, individual, A4 personalised Memory Boxes to bereaved siblings. They can hold the sibling's precious memory items that can stay with them forever and continue to keep the child's memory alive for future generations. The Memory Boxes are designed by the sibling using photos, pictures or drawings that are special to them. Each sibling in the family can design and have their own individual Memory Box. This means it can stay with them forever, wherever they go and is truly personal to them and everything their late sibling loved.

The Memory Boxes are offered at an appropriate time by a lead professional, sometimes when end of life is near or sometimes after the child has passed away. Naturally, this depends on each individual family. In some cases, they are designed by children who are planning their own funeral. As heartbreaking as this sounds it does actually happen, particularly with teenage children who have a long terminal diagnoses. It is a beautiful gift to leave their siblings.

The Memory Boxes can be an important part of therapy to encourage children to show emotions and to talk about their bereavement. The Memory Boxes are a very simple yet effective way, of helping a sibling remember their brother or sister and to preserve their memory.

Each Memory Box also contains "Harvey bear". Harvey is a very special bear with a concealed, small velcro pouch on his back. The pouch can be used to carry a small amount of ashes or another precious item. "Harvey bear" can be a comfort that a brother or sister is always close by. Each personalised memory box and bear costs £200 and is delivered directly to the family home free of any charge.

Over the past 18 months, A Siblings Wish has provided over 100 Memory Boxes to bereaved siblings and now has information & Memory Boxes at local children's hospices for families to look at.

The charity is working with several bereavement services, including;
. Clic Sargent
. Child of Mine
. The Henry Allen Trust
. The Children's Hospice South West
. Together for Short Lives
. Jessie May
. Hugs from Henry
. Bristol Children's Hospital
. Harry's Rainbow
. Children's Community nursing teams NHS
. Candlelighter's
. South West and South Wales organ donation nurses.

When a family has a very poorly child there are numerous charities who support them throughout their journey. Charities help to give them the opportunity to experience fun and exciting days out and to attend special events. Siblings are often treated to little gifts to help them feel that they are not forgotten.

However, when a child dies, there is very little bereavement support for siblings and all the fun and exciting things stop. A sibling has not only lost a brother or sister, but also a part of their parents and everyone who is close to them. Their world, literally turns grey.

In addition to providing bereaved siblings with Memory Boxes, A Siblings Wish would now like to be able to arrange and fund family fun days, and provide treats for Siblings, to further support them throughout their bereavement.

With additional 'family fun' funding, A Siblings Wish would be able to give bereaved siblings a little something to look forward to and to experience fun and exciting days out with their families. This would also provide them with the opportunity to spend time with other bereaved families in a relaxed and fun environment.

The Harvey Hext Trust - A Siblings Wish

Moment of Pride

Harvey Hext was a gorgeous, twin boy who had a zest for life. In 2010 he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, Neuroblastoma. He lived a happy life with stable cancer for 6 years but passed away in November 2015. Mum Sarah, set up A Siblings Wish in memory of Harvey to support bereaved siblings.

Location: Bristol