Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


In early 2017, City of Liverpool FC commissioned a report by MBA students from the University of Liverpool to analyse the geographical spread of the club's membership, highlight areas where membership density was low and make recommendations as to how this may be addressed.

This report highlighted lower membership density in areas that were also Liverpool's most deprived. Given this strong correlation between lower levels of club membership and higher indices of multiple deprivation, we have resolved to better resource our COLlective initiative, seeking to reach out more effectively into Liverpool's most deprived neighbourhoods and enable more community organisations to provide their members and service users with access to our matches and other activities.

COLlective partners community groups, charities and social enterprises each with one of the club's commercial partners. This enables those organisations particpating in COLlective to benefit from the same package of match tickets and hospitality as their partner business. Through this project we wish to expand COLlective to include at least 20 organisations, and at least 100 participants.

Through COLLective, our matchdays become platforms for community organisations to showcase their work and raise awareness of their causes. In addition to website and social media features, COLLective offers space in the matchday programme and use of space in the clubhouse to for community engagement, promotion, networking and fund raising collections. We believe that the development of social capital in this way is mutually beneficial to the club, participating organisations and our commercial partners alike.

Through this grant, we will appoint a Community Outreach Worker to take COLlective out to Liverpool's most deprived neighbourhoods and establish an accessible Community Outreach point that will raise awareness and enable effective community engagement.

City of Liverpool Football Club

Moment of Pride

We are proud of the football club's community ownership and this project is intended to strengthen our community roots, enabling the club to be true to its founding vision of representing the diversity of Liverpool's social and cultural identity.

Location: Liverpool