Funding level: Up to £1,000


We have been hosting conferences for people with learning disabilities, autism or both and their families for many years.
People with Learning Disabilities, Autism or both do not always get the chance to go out socially, have a drink and meet like-minded people and feel safe.
Generally, people with a learning disability, autism or both have limited opportunities to meet their peers and to form lasting connections. Over the years people have consistently told us that this leads to them feeling lonely, isolated and depressed. Financial challenges affecting Health and Social Care Services is making these opportunities even more difficult to access with the support people need, people are becoming increasingly isolated and we know how dangerous isolation is to peoples health and wellbeing.
We hope that Fest For All will be one way of improving peoples physical and mental wellbeing, whilst opening up possibilities for the kinds of relationships others take for granted through providing opportunities for people to meet up, have fun and experience something new.
Children, adults and families who live with learning disability, autism or both find it difficult to access many of the leisure events that the rest of the community take for granted. Music festivals are one of those experiences that people have told us they struggle to access because of the reasonable adjustments that people need to accommodate their support needs and where they can feel safe and not judged or at risk.
We held a conference in February, for over 200 people with a learning disability, autism or both to talk to people about isolation and loneliness and hosted a very popular gala dinner event in September attended by over 100 people. In October 2017 we are hosting a one day event to help us talk to young people an families people about what they would like to see at Fest for All next year.
Fest for All will be a 2 day event, over a weekend that also offers the opportunity to experience camping. The event will need to make available mobile changing places to help accommodate peoples personal care needs, a viewing platform to give people space, chill out zones to support people who need a break.
We want this to be a music festival like any other BUT one that also accommodates the support needs people may have to help make this an enjoyable event for children, adults and whole families and an opportunity to meet up with other people who understand. An opportunity for siblings to have fun together.
The funding would help fund some of the reasonable adjustments that are needed.
We hope it is an opportunity for people to make friends, have fun and do something that many people take for granted.

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The event has grown from 'an idea' to quickly becoming a festival with big ideas for the future. This happened only because of the energy and commitment of many volunteers and some sponsors who have believed in us and our idea. Volunteers who share a commitment to not just talking but doing.

Location: Lancashire, United Kingdom