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Poynton Golden Memories is a fun and active support group for people living with dementia and their carer’s. Finding out your loved one has dementia is frightening, simple tasks become complicated and it is far easier to stay at home rather than face the world. Isolation is a huge problem.

Our Group is different than a simple ‘cafe’ type venue. It runs from 11am – 3pm and is structured with singing & music, chair exercise, ball & parachute games, dancing, board games and art & creative crafts. Lunch of soup and bread with tea & cake is provided at 1pm. Without a doubt, both carers and their loved ones feel a huge benefit from these meetings. Peer support, laughter and enjoyment is in abundance.

Whilst the Group is run by three ‘carers’ whose spouses are affected by Dementia, and volunteers, it has also welcomed professionals to give information and talks on the social and welfare aspects of dementia such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Dementia Reablement Service, Alzheimer’s Society and the local Police so that carers can be in a better position to access services as and when the disease progresses.

The Group originally started at one of our houses but as word spread, the group grew to fourteen and a bigger venue was needed. The Group now meets at the Community Centre in Poynton in the heart of the village, making it accessible for all. Until this Group was set up, there was absolutely no support group available in Poynton and now with a regular attendance of thirty-six, it shows how valuable it has become.

Although we are almost self sufficient as regards the hire of the venue, we have to raise funds for other activities which help to bond the Group. These being Afternoon Teas at a local Garden Centre, day trips involving coach hire or Mary Sunley Narrow Boat (both of which are more expensive due to having wheelchair access to overcome mobility issues of some of our members) and of course a Christmas Lunch/Party.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this much loved group, read some comments below and PLEASE VOTE FOR US!

"We went in as strangers but came out as friends. Poynton Golden Memories is a group run by fantastic volunteers whose loved ones suffer from dementia and they work so hard to make the place the success it surely is. Loneliness and isolation are a big problem for both dementia sufferers and their carers but here we feel happy and welcomed - smiling faces, dancing, music and laughter abound in a very friendly atmosphere. Trips out like afternoon tea in a garden centre and a canal trip with lunch enable us all to enjoy going out together in good company which would not necessarily be possible otherwise. It is a much needed amenity for Poynton and the local area and much appreciated by us all.” Pat Knox, Poynton

“This wonderful and supportive group have consistently shown that caring and having fun can go hand in hand. As an elected Town Councillor I am
always left feeling that if every community had such a group, what a better place the world would be”. Geoff King, Poynton Town Council, Sept. 2017-09-19

“I have found Golden Memories a Godsend for me as my husband is now quite bad with dementia. We find out lots of very useful information and make friends ‘very important’ as we can become very isolated. The people running it work very hard indeed to make us feel welcome.” Rita Drew, Poynton

“All the helpers at The Golden Memories Group work so hard, and it is such a relief to meet people in like situation, they and we deserve all the help we can get.” Beryl McCormack, Alderley Edge.

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Moment of Pride

Being able to support our peers dealing with this devastating illness who, like us, were initially hesitant about whether a social group would suit their spouses but are amazed at the way it lifts their spirits and they go from being withdrawn to doing the hokey-kokey.

Location: Poynton