Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Friends of Stckbridge School is seeking to support Stockbridge Primary School to enhance its digital learning capabilities and ensure the pupils are supported in becoming digitally aware in he ever increasing digital world.

The project would involve purchasing a new set of ipads for the school which will support the pupils digital learning whether it be coding skills, using the internet to support their learning, or even specialised digital learning for additional support needs.

The school already has some ipads and have found them an extremely useful learning aid, and by further enhancing he availability of ipads across he school it will create even more digital learning opportunities for the children.

The ipads would be used across all age groups in the school from the youngest ursery children aged 3 through the the primary 7 pupils aged 12.

Friends of Stockbridge School

Moment of Pride

I've been involved with Friend of Stockbridge School for several years and seen the value that can come from some relatively small changes that the charity has supported - seeing the increased engagement from the support is extremely rewarding and aviva projects in the past have been a great success

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