Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: Up to £1,000

Submitted by: Stewart Lyon Financial Service


Lossiemouth Youth Café has been open for almost nine years. It opens three evenings a week to provide a safe space for young people to meet and socialize, away from the many pressures and demands of everyday life. We currently have around 130 visits per week from young people between the ages of 11 and 18.
A survey of our café users shows that young people want a place to chill out with their friends. Before the café opened, this meant hanging about on the streets or in the parks. There was nowhere else open in the evening for teenagers. The café provides them with a space of their own.
Sadly, our games consoles and fridge & freezer have seen better days and require replacing and/or upgrading. We're a charity and funds are tight.

Some time from local church volunteers, some games and a variety of food are what makes the café a great place for the young people to come
We need a new fridge and freezer to store the food and juice drinks but we desperately need new Game machines - Like Karaoke ...(The picture is distorted and the disc's skips - The microphones don't work and the music - Well, apparently, its ancient!!! ) We also need controllers and games for the X-box and Wii too

We appreciate the donations we have received over the past but now we are asking for a grant to renew some equipment for the café.

Lossiemouth Youth Cafe Development Fund

Location: Lossiemouth

We are making a difference in the young peoples lives but mostly I'm proud because they know that we have made this their place and they have asked for new equipment - but not just for themselves - they know about the fridge and freezer too!!
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