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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Midshires provides Search & Rescue cover for all of Herts and Beds.

Our highly trained volunteers are on call 24/7 - 365 days a year in order to assist Herts & Beds police should they need us to search for a missing person (MISPER)

When a member of our community goes missing, they are often at their most vulnerable. if the police deem them to be "high risk", we will be called in to help locate that person and if needed return them to a place of safety.

We also make ourselves available to civil resilience forums, to be used in times of civil emergency such as flooding etc. We don't charge the police (or anybody else) for our lifesaving service and we receive no government funding. As an independent charity, we raise all of our own funds

So far this year we have attended over 40 incidents and about a third of these have involved water (including rivers, lakes and streams). Water searches and rescues are some of the most dangerous activities that we undertake. To this end we need to make sure we have the best possible water rescue equipment, both for the safety of our team, and, to give us the best chances of recovering people from the water when required.

We would use this money to fund the purchase of wading poles, reach poles and an inflatable rescue boom.

The Wading Poles

If our teams have to enter the water, it can be very unsteady underfoot, couple that with the enormous force of the water from a moving river and just staying on your feet can be difficult. One way to increase stability is to use a strong pole as an extra limb, providing support as we move around. Currently the team are having to use broom handles as wading poles, these unfortunately are not as strong or lightweight as the purpose made poles we aim to acquire. They also come in a high visibility yellow, helping our teams keep track of things should we be working in floodwater at night.

The Reach Poles

Getting our teams into the water takes time, there is a lot of PPE top put on to make sure our responders don't become casualties themselves. These 6m, extendable, reach poles can be deployed quickly to help us get someone out of the water, and, help keep our teams safe as it means they wont need to get in.

Inflatable Rescue Boom

This is a really versatile piece of equipment. It is a 10m long inflatable tube that can be configured in a few different ways to meet the teams needs. It can simply be deployed like an extra log reach pole to pull in someone who may be trapped in the water, or, it can be left out as a catchment boom downstream of where our teams are operating. this means if anyone looses their footing and is washed away, we are able to recover them quickly and safely. Finally it can also be set up in such a way that we can recover an unconscious person without having to enter the water

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Midshires Search & Rescue

Moment of Pride

If someone is missing, or in need of rescue, they are generally very vulnerable, their families & loved ones can be beside themselves with worry. So to turn out and help these people, potentially saving lives or even just providing closure if that's not possible, makes me proud to be a SAR responder

Location: Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire