Supporting the older generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Silverline Memories is a registered charity that provides "things to do and places to go" for people affected by dementia. The Silverline Memories Memory Cafe meet twice a week and provides a warm and friendly environment for people to come together to make friends and share experiences. It reduces the social isolation and loneliness so often experienced by those living with a dementia diagnosis and those who care for them. We facilitate a range of activities that take part during the group sessions and we organise local trips and dances that allow people to share in experiences outside of their caring relationships.
The funding would be used to bring Silverline Memories to even more people. We currently support an average of 30 people per week at our cafe groups and we would like to offer them more. More sessions, more areas, more activities, more things to do and places to go. People should vote for us as we are 100% volunteer led so all money we receive goes directly into providing the services we offer - there are no expensive staffing or premises costs taking funds away from our group members. We could double the number of people we support with this grant.

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Silverline Memories CIO

Moment of Pride

What makes me proud of this project is the feedback from the people we support. We are told we are life changing, that we bring sunshine, and that we give people a life - albeit a different life to the one they planned but one that is meaningful and full. Our groups are full of joy and energy.

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne